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Spice Kitchen
Spice Kitchen Spice Kitchen Spice Kitchen Spice Kitchen

The Spice Kitchen Garden

Making The Delicious Premium Food Since 1990

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About Us

About us
Ultimate dining experience like no others

Recently fashioned by Karandeep Singh & Team from India, this restaurant is a great food spot for Indian meals lovers in Eastern Adelaide, Australia running since 1989. India has continually strives to offer Indian meal events and enjoy this unequally. Especially in North Indian delicacies, the Indian (Punjabi) restaurant is well-known for their real Spices & curry, tandoori dishes and freshly baked breads. The quality of food has only been possible by adhering to coverage of simplest using five star person chefs from India.

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Signature Dishes

Bengali Dahi Macchi (Fish)


Whole fresh water Barramundi fish marinated in yogurt infused with Smokey flavour of ginger and garlic cooked in Clay Tandoor served with sweet potato chips.

Duck and Blood Orange Korma


Duck cooked in korma gravy with orange salt and orange liquor served with puffed lotus roots and lemon rice.

Chocolate and Tequila Infused Beef


Diced beef slowly cooked with dark chocolate, essence of tequila and south Indian spices served with crispy puffed rice.

Spice Dishes

Our Chefs

Spice Kitchen Founder

Karandeep Singh

Founder of The Spice Kitchen

Founder of The Spice Kitchen garden has 10 years experience in Indian and Continental food. Started career from Craon Plaza. Achieved Bachelors in Hospitality Management from Melbourne. Has worked in various Indian Restaurant and hotels over the time.


Dharam Paul

Desert Cook

Having 5 years Experience in Indian sweets and Tandoori Food.


Sukhwinder Singh


Having 3 years of Experience in Indian Food

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